What is psychotherapy therapy? 

Psychotherapy is a talking treatment based on the principle that thoughts and feelings seated in your subconscious, early experiences and relationships can negatively impact on your present mental and emotional well-being. This can result in patterns of behaviours and difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and relationship difficulties) that make it difficult to navigate your daily life. 

How does psychotherapy therapy work?

Psychotherapy can provide a space that enables you to develop an awareness and understanding of your subconscious thoughts and feelings and their influence in relation to the issues you may be facing. The foundation of psychotherapy is a collaborative and supportive relationship between client and therapist. 

During sessions you will be encouraged to:

  • speak freely and say whatever comes to your mind 
  • talk about your feelings, thoughts, dreams and challenges
  • explore your life thus far and your past experiences 
  • develop individual goals 

How can psychotherapy help me? 

Almost instinctively when faced with painful or difficult thoughts and feelings we suppress them, making them unconscious. Though they may be unconscious they will continue to affect how we think, feel and interact with others within our surroundings. Psychotherapy will enable you access to these thoughts and feelings, and develop an insight into yourself and others in your environments. 

Over time you will:

  • learn new improved ways of thinking about yourself 
  • learn how to manage the difficulties you may be facing and resolve negative past experiences
  • develop new, healthier ways of managing stress you may be experiencing in your daily life
  • improve how you relate to other people