If you decide to make contact – this can be done by completing the contact form, email or by telephone.

Initial Consultation – I will then invite you to an initial consultation. This appointment will last for up to 2 hours, during which time we will discuss the difficulties you are facing, your background and what you want to get out of therapy. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions about the therapeutic process and experience how our sessions would feel.

Adults – following the Initial Consultation if we both feel that therapy will be of use to you and your individual needs, we will start weekly theraputic sessions; each session being for 60 minutes.

Child or Young Person - following the Parental Initial Consultation, we will arrange an Introductory Meeting with your child or young person, to give them an opportunity to speak about their worries, and ask any questions they may have. If you, your child or young person and I all agree that therapy will be useful, we will start weekly sessions, each session being for 50 minutes. 

Parental Sessions - following the Initial Consultation we will engage in sessions, and schedule an appointment structure that meets the needs of your family. 

Private Fees: 

  • Initial Consultation: £100.00
  • Adult Therapy: £50.00
  • Child/Young Person Therapy: £45.00
  • Parental Session: £40.00

A reduced fee is available based on clients' individual circumstances and regularity of sessions. This can be discussed during the Initial Consultation.

Contract Fees:

  • Education System
  • Children's and Adult Social Care
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Employment Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Training

For further information on fees please contact me for individual sessions and day rates. 

Payment Methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Links with private insurers are accepted


  • Children (primary school aged): Work can take place within your child’s school. 
  • Young People and Adults: Work will take place within a private consulting room based in the Burnham, Berkshire area. 
  • Contract: Various

Full location details will be available when arranging an Initial Consultation appointment.